We are a Victoria-based construction company. Our passion is building, our trade is carpentry and our purpose is to satisfy our love for constructing unique and special homes from the ground up that we’re proud of.
Current Work
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Exterior photo of Bissenden Place
Bissenden Place
Vintage Victoria classic home.
Passive haus Fourplex in Victoria, BC.
May Street
Gen 4 modern home in Victoria, BC
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Our Team
We are all certified carpenters and apprentices, following our passion to be working on exciting projects that produce exciting results. We are all lovers of our West Coast. When we aren’t building homes, you’ll find us surfing, fishing, running trails, hiking and biking from here to Haida Gwaii.
Cosgrave Construction Team Photo
Our Partners
Although it’s our name on the sign out front, we know its all of our partners, designers, suppliers and sub-trades that bring our projects to their beautiful ends. Many years of working together and building relationships has enabled Cosgrave Construction to create a highly professional cast of expert tradesmen that consistently work together with the common goal in mind to be exceptional and let it show.

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